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Colin Thomas,

"The smart, playful script, which is called Przyjaciólki (Friends) is by Anais West."

Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

"The complicated intimacy between old-fashioned romantic Gaby ...and polyamorous Nina... is beautifully mapped in Vickruck’s songs and West’s passionate poems..."

Isabella Perrone, Broadway World Toronto

"What's especially important in this production is its depiction of love between two queer women... Vickruck and West have created beautiful characters who are by no means perfect; but they feel real."

Adam Abrams,

"Through sharp, smart and funny writing, seamlessly integrated with accomplished, tuneful songs, "PQLB" paints a compelling and convincing portrait of a couple attempting to live beyond conventional boundaries..."

Colin Thomas,

“...the tenderness and rapture of this story made me weep big, nostalgic tears."


Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Playing Amy, Anais West aces the flat delivery and the vocal fry the cool kids use. She’s got great comic timing and she is fearless about going to dark emotional places."

Mark Robbins, Vancouver Presents

"Not for the faint-of-heart, Anais West gives a fearless performance, the likes of which you will probably never see on stage again."

Jo Ledingham,

"Performers Shauna Griffin (Ester) and Anais West (Amy) are great examples of how well that mentorship is paying off. So natural are their performances, you’d swear you are eavesdropping in the swim club’s locker room."

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